Your Board in Action

Carole J. Greene, President

Carole J. Greene, President

As you read this, I am in the final stages of preparation to leave Feb. 9 for a cruise from Sydney, Australia, to Auckland, New Zealand, returning March 4. I have selfishly considered those locales too distant for me to commute to attend the February luncheon. So I’ll just say right now how much I’ll miss you all. Really. I mean it. On Feb. 19, when I’m cruising the Tasman Sea between Tasmania and New Zealand, I’ll think of you. Oh, wait a minute. I’ll be a day ahead. Or is it behind? Never mind. Too much for my brain to figure out when I’m on vacation.

Our January board meeting brought together for the first time both newly-elected members, Treasurer Len Egdish and Governor-at-Large Marisa Cleveland, along with most of the rest of the board. Even Scoop Editor Penny Fisher, armed with photos of her darling new son—who just that day learned to smile (and she had pix to prove it)—was able to make it.

Over the last couple of years, your board has made a number of significant decisions to move the club forward. Now that most of the processes and protocols have been established, tweaked and finalized, our board discussions focus mainly on those issues involving upcoming NPC events. For example, in January’s meeting we voted on two motions. 1) to co-sponsor the Town Hall forum on public-records access Gina Edwards organized for Feb. 5 (please attend this important forum) and 2) to ask the Hilton if we could be relieved from our contract for a regular luncheon on March 26 (they said yes) because we would be co-sponsoring the Marine Corps League “Honor The Free Press” day on March 18. CBS correspondent Bob Orr is the honoree.

We won’t have our regular meeting, so we urge ALL our NPC members who would ordinarily come to our luncheon to go to the March 18 one. Watch for publicity and your invitation and respond right away. This event always fills the room, so don’t procrastinate.

Because things seem to be running smoothly and because I will be away on our regular board meeting date of second Thursday, your board voted NOT to meet in February. Wonder what my “Your Board in Action” piece will talk about for Scoop’s March issue. Oh, where’s my head? I’ll be on vacation at deadline. Scoop will go to press without me! You get a reprieve. Not for long, though. I’ll be back in April because we have scheduled a March board meeting. Email me at if you think of anything we need to talk about on March 12.

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