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Carole J. Greene, President

Carole J. Greene, President

This report will be shorter than most because the board spent quite some time discussing the Dec. 4 holiday party and annual meeting, which will have occurred by the time Scoop publishes. I’ll merely record here that we made plans to help our members have a joyous time.

We approved three new members, reminded one another that any NPC member can (and should!) write articles for Scoop, and decided to continue to offer all NPC members the opportunity to display/sell/autograph their books at a table outside each luncheon. We noted we should hear soon that our Scoop editor’s baby had arrived. He did – the next day. So our congratulations to Penny Fisher and the entire Fisher family as they welcomed little Alec. Penny, bless her, expects to continue editing Scoop throughout her maternity leave.

Our interns, one of whom was able to attend the Nov. 13 board meeting, will wrap up their project in the next week or so. Their FGCU fall term ends Dec. 12, when I’ll have to revert to my first profession as an educator and evaluate Brooke and Nicholas. I’d love to hear from some members about their experiences with either or both of them. We all say a huge “thank you!” for their help with member bios and photos. If you haven’t submitted yours or still need their help, contact them ASAP at

Our next board meeting is set for Dec. 11, when we will welcome new officers and governors elected at the Dec. 4 annual meeting. Our discussion that evening will focus on fiscal issues: tweaking of monthly reservation and payment protocol to streamline the process for everyone, and assessing various amendments to our current dues structure.

Speaking for the officers and governors of our club, I send best wishes for a love-filled holiday season and a new year rich in blessings.

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