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Carole Greene, President

Carole Greene, President

At our first board meeting of 2014, the old-timers introduced themselves and their NPC jobs to newcomers Ann Cardamone, Helene de Neergaard and Jeff Margolis. Then it was their turn to tell us about themselves and what they hope to achieve during their tenure as board members. I feel we’re all in for an excellent year.

Plans change. Your board decided not to pursue the previously announced Documentary Day this spring. Maybe later in the year it will work out, as we have more time to coordinate. We discussed ideas to honor Phil Lewis at one of our luncheons in the upcoming months, depending on his availability. An ad hoc committee is pursuing this project. Look elsewhere in SCOOP for more.

Our NPC is fortunate to have a whiz of a technology guru in Birgit Pauli-Haack. She has promised to work with our luncheon speakers who want to use a PowerPoint presentation. We can trust that it will be checked out in advance, and Birgit will be on hand to ensure it all flows smoothly. Thank you, Birgit.

The newly organized sub-group of our members interested in books—writing them and selling them—has met. Look for an article elsewhere in SCOOP and, if interested, attend the next meeting.

Another article in SCOOP will provide some details about Karen Clawson’s “K is for Kids” book donation initiative. February is the month of her big push. Let’s help her reach her goals.

We hope to have this year’s member directory printed and out some time in February. We have to wait until all NPCers who wish to renew their membership have sent in their dues. We’d hoped to hear from you with that $50 check by January 15. Hint, hint.

In years past, NPC has cooperated with the Marine Corps League to co-host the Honor the Free Press luncheon. Although the League no longer wants to handle this, our member Mike Trephan—also a League member—has expressed his desire to see this through. We’re working on it. Watch for more news as we finalize date, place, special speaker and other details.

As a means of getting better acquainted with one another, the board decided to allow one member per luncheon to have five whole minutes to talk about his/her media experience. Be thinking about what YOU will say when it’s your turn to be that person.

Finally, the board opened discussion about ways we might consider to offer the wealth of talents, skills and experience of our NPC members to mentor young people in our community. We’ll continue working on this until we have some definite progress to report. We invite your ideas!  Please!

Our next board meeting is set for February 20.  If you have any ideas for us to discuss, let one of the board members know.

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