SCOOP vs. Email Blasts

As our goal is to communicate effectively and efficiently with Press Club of Southwest Florida members, the Communications Committee has spent quite a bit of time evaluating when and how to share information with membership.

To begin, all members are encouraged to contribute to our monthly newsletter, SCOOP. Penny Fisher is always looking for content for Scoop. She will accept your submissions via email. Content is due the 26th day of the month for the following month’s newsletter. She appreciates receiving notification of your submission by the 20th day of the month. She is consistently looking for members to be featured in the “Faces of the NPC” and loves receiving photos from NPC events. She also welcomes members to write for “In Your Own Words.” If you have something you would like to see included in Scoop contact Penny at or 239-435-3417.

As no one wants to receive excessive emails, our preference is for the majority of NPC information to appear in SCOOP. However, there are times when email is the most effective communication tool.

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Please note that all emails sent to NPC members are approved in advance by NPC President Carole Greene.

We try very hard to regulate how we fill your email in-boxes; as a result, please find the following list of “approved” email topics. That said, whenever possible, SCOOP will be used instead.

The following guidelines should help you understand when E-blast communication is considered appropriate:

Photo by Free Press

Photo by Free Press

1.  E-blast’s primary purpose is to promote NPC events and activities;

2.  E-blast may be used to announce a significant state, regional or national media-related achievement by an NPC member;

3.  E-blast may be used when a member is part of the management team of a local organization supporting a unique, newsworthy and/or time-sensitive civic or non-profit cause;

4.  E-blast may be used when a member is part of an event management team offering a special admission discount of 25% or MORE to NPC members;

5.  E-blast should not be viewed a “news service.” In general, local news will not be distributed via E-Blast. As our members tend to be active consumers of local media, our member publications continue to be the best source for this type of information.

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