Suzi Weinert’s Latest Mystery Novel Hot Off the Press

Two Press Club of Southwest Florida members collaborated on Suzi Weinert’s newest spellbinding mystery novel, Woman at the Garage Sale, edited and agented by former Press Club president, Carole Greene.

This is the fourth book in Suzi’s “Garage Sale Mystery Series,” which Hallmark translated into 15 two-hour TV movies on their Movie & Mystery Channel.

“Books I like to read are filled with facts, so I’m learning new information while the story entertains. That’s how I write,” Suzi explains. “For accuracy, I research with lawyers, doctors, policemen, firefighters, locksmiths, gun experts, drone operators, etc., so such professionals reading my book would find it believable.”

In these stories, amateur detective Jennifer Shannon unwittingly discovers danger in places she thought safe, putting herself and her family in life-threatening peril. In Woman at The Garage Sale, her natural inquisitiveness lands her in terrifying trouble yet again. 

Several readers warn that Suzi’s books captivate them so completely their intended hour of reading turns into a marathon because they must learn what happens next. “A funny backhand compliment,” Suzi says, “came when a male reader revealed his wife urged him to read her Garage Sale novel, even though he didn’t want to spend time on ‘chick-lit.’ But he grudgingly admitted, ‘Hey, this story could have been written by a man.’”

While each book has a stand-alone tale, readers who follow Jennifer’s family from her first novel will glean insights other readers won’t.

Suzi’s books are available from her publisher, BluewaterPress, from Amazon, or can be ordered from any bookstore.

Suzi’s previous three books are: Garage Sale StalkerGarage Sale Diamonds, and Garage Sale Riddle. (Stalker and Riddle are also on Audible, Inc.)

To learn more, visit Suzi’s website: or contact her at

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