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Jackie Simenauer

Jackie Simenauer

* Are you fearful of travel?

* Are you suffering from a “toxic stress” that you are unaware of even though it might kill you?

* Would you like some psychological help to make you a better golfer?

* Could you use a life coach to advise you on how to make your dreams come true?

If you are interested in any of the above, then you might want to meet our exciting new NPC member Marilyn J. Varcoe, Ph.D.

Dr. Varcoe, a licensed cognitive behavioral psychologist and life coach in Naples, is also a world traveler, having circumnavigated the world several times. She has visited over 155 countries.

“According to some major national studies, travel can help ward off depression, even heart disease,” she says. “Personally, experiencing so many different ideas and cultures helps me become a better therapist.”

Dr. Varcoe is currently finishing her third book, based on the psychology of travel. Not only will it reveal the emotional habits of happy travelers, but it will also detail the coping skills needed to deal with travel stress, when you leave your comfort zone. “You will even be able to find your true travel personality here,” she says.

Toxic Stress: 7 Steps To Recovery was her second book. Dr. Varcoe points out that “stress, illness, depression and anxiety can gang up on you. Managing the symptoms of stress alone can’t restore your health and happiness. My 7 Step Action Plan, personalized to all four components of your toxic stress, will show you how to feel better and take control of your life.”

Her first book, Golf Smart: 7 Secrets to Master The Mind Game of Golf,explores the psychological aspects to improve your stroke and win the game. Dr. Varcoe’s experience as a golf psychologist helps golfers play in their heads as much as on the course. The book also shows how to test your golf personality and straighten out faulty thinking patterns.

Finally, life coaches can become a partner in defining a better or different future. As a licensed behavioral psychologist, Dr. Varcoe has the credentials to give clients the confidence to help get “unstuck.” She helps many who want to change careers, put their relationships back on an even keel, or get their acts together. “Life coaching can certainly help you think out of the book,” she adds.

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