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Second VP Randy Jones

Second VP Randy Jones

Do you know we have a celebrity in our midst?

Our very own Randy Jones, NPC VP of Programs, and formally known as Randall Kenneth Jones, is starring in The Naples Players production of The Great American Trailer Park, opening October 9 at the Sugden Community Theatre.

“I am sure most NPC people have NO IDEA that their VP of Programs is involved in this type of thing,” says Randy.

“Randy has more talent in his little finger than most people do in their entire body, and I have seen him SEVERAL times on stage,” adds Carole Greene, our NPC President.

“Make no mistake,” says Randy, “playing someone this dumb – every night – is much harder to do than it looks. Stupid takes skill.”

I am sure not everyone realized that “stupid takes skill,” but let’s all support Randy and go see him perform.


NAPLES, FL- The Naples Players has selected the cast members for The Great American Trailer Park to be performed October 9 through November 2, 2013 in Blackburn Hall at The Sugden Community Theatre.

Directed by Dawn Fornara, The Great American Trailer Park includes Jenna Canfield as Pippi, Debi Guthery as Betty, Lisa Frederico as Linoleum, Greg Jensen as Duke, Randall Kenneth Jones as Norbert, Alyssa Lee as Pickles, and Laura Needle as Jeannie.

This energetic musical follows three adults living in Amarillo Acres Trailer Park. Meet Norbert, a tollbooth collector, Jeannie, his agoraphobic wife and Pippi, a stripper. These three are soon caught in a love triangle. Belting out catchy tunes, dripping with dysfunction, the girls invite us in to a world full of Astroturf, road kill, spray cheese and pure, unadulterated fun. The musical serves as a entertaining twist of tasteless humor and sly stereotypes on American culture.

Tickets go on sale September 3rd. For tickets, please visit or call the box office at 239-263-7990.

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