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President Carole J. Greene

President Carole J. Greene

As the 2013-14 season for Press Club of Southwest Florida ticks closer to its end, the board has less to talk about. Our monthly meetings typically cover current issues relevant to that month’s program, pending member applications and other items that require immediate attention. I noticed that at our April board meeting we put off several discussions until we can delve into them at our annual board planning retreat, May 24.

One item we did decide in April was to accept the majority vote to approve the amendments to our NPC bylaws. Anyone wishing to read or download a copy of those amended bylaws will find them on our website.

We have accepted two new scholarship students, who look quite promising: John Wix III and Melissa Gomez. Two of our existing ones graduate this spring: Mary Castro and Andrew Friedgen. We hope they’ll be able to attend our May luncheon so we can applaud them for a job well done. At the planning retreat, we’ll discuss ideas for fundraisers to support our scholarship program.

The board welcomes two new members: Penny Fisher, Community editor for Naples Daily News; and Marci Seamples, executive director of Bayshore Cultural And Performing Arts Center. Both are brand spanking new members of NPC. It is heartwarming for me to see new members jump into volunteering their energy, insights and ideas for the betterment of the club.

The committee creating the competition for Florida journalists sponsored by Press Club of Southwest Florida grows closer to finalizing rules, guidelines, judges and all else associated with this, our first foray into contest sponsorship. Stay tuned for more news—after the planning retreat.

At the retreat we will establish policy for promoting our members’ activities in Scoop and via email blasts to our membership. We’ll also develop a list of “power players” in our community to receive our program announcements. The more guests and potential members attend our luncheons, the better we serve our club. We always strive to make the club more supportive of our members, so we are truly of, by, about, and for our NPCers.

Finally, you won’t want to miss our May 22 luncheon and program. Look elsewhere inScoop for details. We can have as much of the Hilton ballroom as we can fill, so let’s talk it up among our friends and colleagues. It will be a great way to close out our season. After that, we’ll meet monthly at after-hours mixers until our next season starts in October.

For those soon to head north, or who have already departed Paradise, we wish you a delightful summer. Come back to us in October. For our year-round NPCers, watch for announcements about our always-fun summer mixers. See you May 22 to meet Peggy Post!

Board of Governors' Officers, L to R, Rhona Saunders, Randall Kenneth Jones, Carole Greene, Connie Kindsvater, Ann Cardamone

Board of Governors’ Officers, L to R, Rhona Saunders, Randall Kenneth Jones, Carole Greene, Connie Kindsvater, Ann Cardamone ~ Courtesy of Hélène Gaillet de Neergaard

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