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Soni Dimond

Soni Dimond, President

Summertime is “planning time” for the Press Club of Southwest Florida Board!

There is really no off season for our hard-working NPC Board of Governors. We have launched full steam into summer 2017! We started to outline our goals on Saturday, June 10, at our annual Planning Retreat. I’m eager to share a glimpse of our notes with you.

The NPC board is committed to constantly staying in touch with our membership. Each year, two of our members enjoy an opportunity to sit with us during our extensive planning session. This time, we were delighted to include the following two guests at our board table: Marilyn Varcoe and Mark Young.

Marilyn J. Varcoe, Ph.D.
A longtime, valued member of NPC, Marilyn (Dr. Varcoe) is a licensed cognitive behavioral psychologist and life coach who provides psychological care to a broad spectrum of clients. Her private practice is based in Naples, where she is also on staff at NCH. Marilyn has extensive years of experience in counseling, therapy and coaching. She is a guest speaker on the topics of toxic stress and personal development. Additionally, Marilyn is the founder of Golf Smart, Inc., a program that teaches mental skills to golfers. Marilyn is the co-author of the book Toxic Stress: 7 Steps to Recovery and has traveled extensively as an international speaker.

Mark Young
One of our newest NPC members, Mark brings his illustrious experience as a media professional. Mark is highly regarded as one of the most well respected and trusted media leaders in Florida. In a career that spans more than 40 years in the broadcast industry, Mark has managed news operations from small to large markets throughout the United States. As Broward Bureau Manager for CBS4 News, Mark was responsible for all news developments throughout Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Mark now oversees the daily publication of two online news sites “South Florida Reporter” and “Southwest Florida Reporter.” Press Club of Southwest Florida definitely will benefit from Mark’s extensive media experience and website expertise.

Each year, the NPC Board covers a wide range of plans during our retreat. This year, the NPC Scholarship Fund has been most impressive. Special thanks go to board member Phil Beuth, who has pledged a total of $20,000, spanning the next four years. Phil has been our most generous board member to date, but we must remind our membership that many more funds are needed to serve the growing number of our deserving young applicants. Press Club of Southwest Florida will be providing details of our plan to continue to invest in truly outstanding students who represent the bright future of journalism.

“Hats off” to our devoted board member Connie Kindsvater, who has provided a thorough report regarding exact names and status of our 2017-2018 Scholarship Students.

As always, Press Club of Southwest Florida remains proud of our tradition of attracting exceptional speakers. We have showcased authors, members of the news media, public figures and all levels of newsmakers. We have terrific ideas for the upcoming NPC season, which will start again in October, first Thursdays (except December) at Tiburon Golf Club.

Our board is committed to managing, maintaining and constantly improving our stellar public image. Soon, you will be seeing a refreshed look to our website and the Press Club of Southwest Florida Facebook page. We are simply “getting some work done” and plan to reveal our upgrades soon.

Change is in the air this summer! Be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 11 from 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. You are welcome to join us at our Media Mixer at Seasons 52, located at 8930 Tamiami Trail, Naples. This informal gathering of dishing and dining, news and schmooze is designed to attract summer SW Florida residents, NPC members and our local media professionals.

Those who are familiar with Press Club of Southwest Florida recognize the NPC board delivers all year round! But, could you actually “recognize” the names of board members who are working for you, not only at the podium but behind the scenes? Please take a moment to view the names of all our board members who consistently provide contributions to our vision for a bright future! You may find out more ABOUT US and send us your comments.

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