Eight Editions of Roundtable Produced: We Need Your Involvement in Future Segments

Roundtable, our Club’s new discussion forum, is off to a tremendous start.  Since our debut post-election session in December, we have produced seven additional segments focused on various media issues and current events.

Click on any topic below, and you will be taken to that Roundtable YouTube production.

Post Election 2020  

The Future of Local News   

Media in a Post-Trump World  

Attack on the Capitol  

The SCOOP of Local TV News  

Jim Farrell Tribute  

Podcasting Is Big Business  

Gun Rights and Regulations  

As Bob Orr, our Roundtable founder and moderator, wrote in a previous edition of SCOOP, “We need your help to grow the franchise. If you have a great idea for a segment and/or a guest, please reach out to me at boborr21@gmail.com. There are no strict boundaries in terms of topics, but we are especially interested in current events, media coverage, and emerging issues affecting the news industry. Also, if you would like to be a panelist or a moderator, just raise your hand. Finally, feel free to share links to our YouTube segments with your friends and colleagues.”

Bob adds, “Roundtable is a great opportunity to bolster the relevance of our Club and move us closer to the working press. But it will be most effective if we have broad-based participation.”

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