Press Club’s “Roundtable” YouTube Forum Features 2020 Election Insights from Veteran Journalists

“Roundtable” is LIVE!  And we invite you to check it out on our YouTube Channel.  


In our debut discussion we tackle the fallout of the 2020 election and take a look at where we might be heading.

Veteran journalists Phil Jones, Denise LeClair Cobb, Larry Doyle, and Greg Ramshaw join me to kick around some key questions:

  • Will President Trump ever concede and what’s his endgame?
  • Can President-elect Biden form an effective governing coalition if the Republicans retain control of the Senate?
  • What about those two Senate races in Georgia that hold the key to the balance of power on Capitol Hill?
  • Can the GOP move past Trump?
  • And can Biden keep the more progressive Democrats happy?

We may not provide all of the answers, but I guarantee the panelists will give you something to think about.

We are excited about the potential the new “Roundtable” forum presents for our Club. Ideally, it will be a place that brings Club members, journalists, and newsmakers together to exchange thoughts about news events and coverage.

We need your participation and help. To that end we welcome all questions, criticisms, and program suggestions. You can reach us at

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