Breaking News: Press Club Launches YouTube Channel and “Roundtable” Video Forum

Bob Orr

Since just about everything these days is labeled “Breaking News” we think this qualifies. The Press Club of Southwest Florida is pleased to present its new YouTube Channel – an online platform we will use to share programs, interviews, and videos of interest.

The Channel, created by our Communications Chair Mark Young, will also be the home of a new video forum called “Roundtable.” We plan to pull together journalists, retired journalists, and newsmakers to discuss timely topics and emerging media issues.

In our debut Roundtable, veteran journalists Phil Jones (CBS), Gregg Ramshaw (PBS), Denise LeClair Cobb (CNN), and Larry Doyle (CBS) will join me (CBS) to examine the fallout from our recent election and the political ramifications going forward.

Look for that coming next Monday, December 7.

But our YouTube Channel is already available for viewing. Our premiere offering examines the difficult challenges posed by Covid-19 to the Arts and Culture community of Southwest Florida. This program features comments from Bryce Alexander of the Naples Players, Kristen Coury from Gulfshore Playhouse, and Dr. Andrew Kurtz from the Gulf Coast Symphony.

So, please take look, and while you are on the site don’t forget to give a “thumbs up” and subscribe to our channel. That way you will get notifications when new material is posted.

Ideally our YouTube platform should help us with member development, make it easier to attract interesting speakers, and move us closer to working journalists.

Your feedback is encouraged. And, since we hope this is a participation sport, we will be looking for topics and panelists for upcoming Roundtables as we work our way into the digital media realm.

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