Four New 2018-19 NPC Scholarship Students, April 2018

Connie Kindsvater

Eight students applied for our annual, renewable Terrence J. Miller Journalism $1,000 Scholarship (seven females, one male).

The Scholarship Committee met three times to interview the candidates. The four new NPC Scholarship students are:



Camila Cal (Naples High School-2017 grad/UCF)

Camila has been accepted by and will attend UCF, starting in June. She plans to major in journalism and wants to work as a newspaper reporter or a magazine writer after graduation; eventually Camila wants to be a newspaper editor. She was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and will get her citizenship papers this summer. Camila graduated Summa Cum Laude from NHS a year ago and then took a year off to care for her mom who had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. Her mom is now in remission, and Camila is ready to begin college in June, starting a new chapter in her life. (NPC Mentor: Carole Greene)

Deanna Lampasona-Colon (Lely High School/USF)

Deanna has been accepted by and will attend USF. She plans to major in journalism/mass communications. She was born and raised in Naples, Florida. She writes a fitness blog for young females, like herself, who have struggled with weight issues. She was a member of the JROTC program at Lely HS, achieved a first sergeant ranking and was a squad leader. Deanna loves listening to or reading the different news viewpoints presented by various broadcast and print media outlets. She hopes to attain a paid internship and then work at a large broadcast corporation or write for a major sports team. (NPC Mentor: Mary Leonard Ramshaw)

Brianna Monroe (Marco Island Academy/UF)

Brianna has been accepted by and will attend UF. She plans to have a double major in journalism and communications. Her dream job is to be a travel photojournalist, but she would love to write and take photographs for any type of magazine or newspaper. Brianna has a self-made business of creating websites and she has also created a photography business. (NPC Mentor: Karla Wheeler)

Sebastian Languidey (Naples High School/FAU)

Sebastian has been accepted by and will attend Florida Atlantic University. He transferred from New Jersey to Naples at the beginning of his junior year, due to his father’s job change. To help integrate into his new school, Sebastian relied on two of his favorite things: sports (he’s a member of the tennis team) and the student newspaper (he created a website for both his New Jersey high school paper and Naples high school paper, and he served as editor for both papers). He wants to major in sports media and online journalism because he feels that online journalism is the wave of the future. He would love to intern for ESPN. (NPC Mentor: Connie Kindsvater)

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