May 2018 Update on our Current and Former NPC Scholarship Students

Tamica Jean-Charles (Naples HS, FIU-Miami) reports that she was recently promoted to Entertainment Director at her school paper. As of this summer, she will be overseeing everything that has to do with entertainment for the paper and website, along with radio, as well. She also has been applying for summer internships and says that she has been offered three different internships—one with a marketing firm (her minor is marketing), one at her school’s magazine, Inspicio, as a marketing and PR intern and one at the Naples Herald, an online newspaper. She’s trying to decide which one would work better for her.  

Kala Parkinson (Barron Collier HS, UF) reports that she will contact Penny Fisher, editor of the Naples Daily News and Rachel Pierce, morning news anchor for NBC2 News, to set up some shadowing experiences. She says that she is wrapping up with her coursework for the semester. She commented that she’s not completely sure where she wants the field of journalism to take her, but she would love to explore some different positions by perhaps shadowing reporters, web producers or any other positions. 

Sarah Stauffer (FGCU) reports that she was put in charge of all the ladies events and courses a year ago at Alamo, where she works. One of the programs is The Florida Gun Girls, a free, ladies-only seminar program that takes place twice a month. Over 50 ladies attend each seminar. She finds it very gratifying that women are taking initiative and using the tools available for their own safety and education. She has also been selected for a paid internship this summer for Alamo’s Marketing and PR Department. Developing Crisis Communication Plans, improving Customer Service, and Employee Relations will be among her duties.

Oscar Santiago (GGHS, FGCU grad December 2015) reports that his part-time employment at theNaples Daily News is now full time! His title continues to be Digital Content Producer, primarily responsible for managing the NDN social media accounts and websites ( But he’s now assisting in writing more breaking news, and he finds that to be valuable experience. “It’s been two years since I started at Naples Daily News, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me,” Oscar said.

John Wix (GGHS, FGCU grad December 2015) reports, “The rumors of my change in employment are well-founded. I started a couple months ago as a photographer for NBC2 News. I do the weekend morning and evening newscasts, and the news at 11 Monday and Tuesday. It’s a tough job with a lot of unexpected twists, but that same unpredictability is also what keeps it fresh and interesting.

“I can certainly say that if it weren’t for your support and that of the Press Club of Southwest Florida, I’d be serving corned beef and cabbage today instead of filming it. Your encouragement to share my aerial Irma footage reignited my confidence and helped me remind the world that I existed long enough to offer me a job. Thank you!”

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