Spotlight on our Scholarship Students

Here are some updates from our hard-working and talented Journalism Scholarship students.

Camila Cal (Naples HS 2017 — junior year at University of Central Florida, Orlando)

Camila is at home in Naples finishing her semester’s classes via internet. She also does some work for her internship (Florida Apartment Association magazine) any time work becomes available that she can do from home. She has been invited to join the editorial team of UCF’s literary magazine, starting next semester. (This is quite an honor.) Creative nonfiction has become her new passion. Camila will take a Creative Nonfiction Workshop next semester that will enhance her skills, both for editing the literary magazine and for her journalism pursuits. Her mentor is Carole Greene.

Tamica Jean-Charles (Naples HS 2016 — senior year at Florida International University, Miami)

Tamica, too, is taking online classes. Her final semester will be this summer. She has contacted WGCU and is hoping for an internship with the station this summer. Her mentor is Oscar Santiago, Naples Daily News.

Meghan Kennedy (Naples HS 2019 — freshman year at Saint Leo University, near Tampa)

Meghan reports that she’s doing well, currently taking online classes through Zoom. She says that she has worked really hard this semester on her grades and currently is getting all As. Two of the classes that she is currently taking are Survey of the Criminal Justice System and Building a Multiracial Society, both of which she finds to be interesting. Her mentor is Lauren Sweeney, WINK News.

Sebastian Languidey (Naples HS 2018 — sophomore year at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton)

Sebastian reports that he’s still in Boca Raton doing online classes from his apartment. He says that he’s doing well in his classes with lots of writing for his Journalism classes, which he finds interesting and fun. His mentor is Connie Kindsvater.

Kala Parkinson (Barron Collier HS 2017 — junior year at the University of Florida, Gainesville)

Kala reports that she is taking Magazine & Feature Writing; Audience Engagement; Food, Media & Culture; Data Literacy for Communicators; Principles of Public Relations; and Interpersonal Communication. A few days ago she applied for an editorial Internship position with Luxe Interiors & Design Magazine at their Boca Raton office. She hopes that she can get an internship, but she’s concerned that many may be canceled this summer. She welcomes HELP from any of us who could help her navigate her search. Her mentor is Karla Wheeler. 

Rachelle Westervelt (Seacrest HS 2017 — junior year at the University of Florida, Gainesville)

Unfortunately, Rachelle will no longer be able to study abroad this summer, as planned, but she is still interning at WINK News and will be taking classes this summer. She says she’ll be trying out a lot of things at WINK, from producing to editing to reporting. Her mentor is Debbie Meade.

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