On This Date: Taken from “My Turn” by Terry Miller

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from a Press Club of Southwest Florida Newsletter from January 1996 written by Terry Miller. For us to move forward we must remember where we have been. On This Date is a fun way for NPC members to find out about the Press Club of Southwest Florida’s past.

CalendarLunch, Anyone?

I’m writing this the day after two people complained of the breakfasts. They don’t mind getting up for breakfast, so long as we don’t’ have them before noon. We’ve also had a couple people say they can’t make breakfast because they have to get their kids off to school. So, the January 27 tryout of a speaker at noon will be interesting. It is put up or shut up time, folks. Actually, having Carol Loveday speak isn’t a fair test. I suspect a lot of people would turn out at 4 a.m. to hear him. Come to think of it, I often see him at 5:30 a.m. (at the wellness center).

Special Award

What do you give a speaker that goes to a great deal of effort to prepare our program, then spends the day with you – and already HAS a press club Reliable Source cap? Our answer for Immokalee banker/good citizen Steve Price is the first Press Club of Southwest Florida Reliable Source jacket, in the color of his choice. A couple of us were on the Chamber of Commerce farm tour with Steve Price as our guide and he commented it would have been better if HE had planned it. Out of that came:

1.      His fascinating talk to our group, and

2.      A very impressive tour of the Immokalee area’s agriculture, affordable housing and economic development.

Steve recruited many other guides, including one who spent the day with us – Greg Mihalic, the county’s director of affordable housing and economic development, and popular man about Immokalee, Fred Thomas. We’ll be seeing more of Greg and Fred.

Hot Off the Presses:

Wonder about the Naples Daily News endorsement of Bill Clinton in this heavily Republican area? NDN didn’t make the decision. All Scripps Howard newspapers were given the editorial to be published untouched by human hands. Source: American Journalism Review. And if there is to be a Pulitzer Prize to be awarded to a Collier County journalist for work in 1996, my money is on Daily News assistant city editor Ruben Hernandez for his reporting of Hispanic community here.

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