News Clippers Wanted!

A new Press Club of Southwest Florida “Press Clippings Album” is in the works. Begun in November 2013, the first album is almost complete with close to 50 clippings that mention or were written by 17 of our NPC members. I am currently working on the second one, created in a larger and easier-to-read format.

The object is to collect any and all press clippings that relate to the Press Club of Southwest Florida and its members. These appear not only in local/regional print media but also state- and nation-wide. They can be written about or by a member, or the club can be mentioned in a story, a letter to the editor or an article. It’s easy for me to miss something, but with every member also looking, we have a chance to discover more.

Duplicates of a story are better than none, so please don’t hesitate to clip and send anything you find relating to NPC. 

Recent activities of the Press Club of Southwest Florida have expanded, thereby exploding our media coverage in newspapers and magazines. By clipping news items you catch and sending them to me directly by snail mail, you will help make our “Press Clipping Albums” an integral part of NPC history.

For a good album layout, be sure to include title of publication, date and page and other relative information on a separate note, not on the clipping itself.

My permanent address is: Helene Gaillet de Neergaard, Wilderness Country Club, 106 Clubhouse Drive #366, Naples FL 34105.

I thank all contributors in advance!

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