Promoting Free Press

Julie Pedretti, President


Please note: The usual “Your Board in Action” message will return in the next edition of Scoop, as the NPC Board did not meet in December.

Since the late 1800s, press clubs have been forming in cities across the U.S. and around the world. Today, there are more than two dozen press clubs in the country, including Naples, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Milwaukee (the oldest continuously operating press club, established on November 1, 1885—I was a member of this club for several years) and, of course, Washington, DC, home of the National Press Club.

These press clubs share many missions and goals, including an interest in promoting free press, providing scholarships to the next generation of journalists, and recognizing excellence in journalism. They provide a place for journalists to gather, network and to learn from one another. Each club invites journalists in newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet to become members, as well as communications professionals in government and business (PIO, PR, Media Relations).

Southwest Florida is blessed to be a retirement destination for many nationally and internationally recognized journalists who choose to enjoy life in a warm, lush, beautiful, relaxed, resort environment. Fortunately, many also wish to stay connected in some way to the world of journalism and media. They have learned about—and have chosen to join—the Press Club of Southwest Florida. Their skills, experiences and contacts have been incredibly valuable as we develop monthly newsmaker programs to attract journalists and others to network and learn from one another.

It is my honor to serve as the president of the Press Club of Southwest Florida for 2018. My gratitude is extended to Soni Dimond, who led the club in 2017 and will remain on the board, despite her demanding career. I also appreciate the guidance provided by our club’s vice president of administration, Carole Greene, and other longtime, dedicated board members who will be critical to the Press Club of Southwest Florida as it continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of its members and our community.

Thank you to our members and guests who attended the December 14 Press Club of Southwest Florida annual meeting and newsmaker’s presentation and brought gifts of Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals to be donated to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. As the president and COO of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital said at the end of his presentation: “Your gifts today will bring comfort, smiles and happiness to families from Southwest Florida who require specialized pediatric care in Miami.”

Happy Holidays. Happy New Year. Happy Free Press.

Julie Pedretti
2018 Press Club of Southwest Florida

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