On This Date: Press Club of Southwest Florida Columnist gives bold Predictions for the New Year

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt from a Press Club of Southwest Florida Newsletter from January 1996. For us to move forward we must remember where we have been.

calendar (1)On This Date is a fun way for members to find out about the Press Club of Southwest Florida’s past.

Taken from Tomorrow’s Headlines written by David Pfaff

John Pinch, last month’s speaker from WTVK, impressed us with his station’s cultural programming of the “National Geographic Specials.” Terry Miller immediately told of how he was appropriately addicted to the latest media-based show, “Live Shot.” Now, all you voyeurs, let’s hear it for “Baywatch.”

Some predictions for 1996:

*Media Darling Eddy Filer will cash in his vegetable garden and by WNOG-FM now that it is on the block. Immediate changes include:

a)  Call letters will become W L (E) F T. Rush Limbaugh will be cancelled lest the clash of political philosophies melt down the station’s transmitter.

b)  Filer himself will host morning and afternoon drive-time, as well as the radio journal time slot… all with all-night repeats.

c)  Between these shows, Michelle Vachon and JA Rautio will be hired to reach cucumber and tomato recipes.

d)  It is rumored portions of the mega-media-star salary for which Michelle will sign will be deposited in a secret French bank account.

e)  JA’s only interest is reported to be in the idea of working at a “a rautio” station.

*The Press Club of Southwest Florida – after reaching a membership of 600 at mid-year – will be investigated by the Justice Department for anti-trust violations. Allegedly, the club cornered the market on attractive, intelligent, influential Neapolitans.

Shortly after, it and all other press clubs will report a crisis in membership numbers as news media executives determine they no longer need journalists to produce their product and, in fact, journalists are a liability in the news business. That determination followed on the realization that journalists make trouble digging up stories people don’t want published and their editorials tend to make enemies of politicians and various groups of readers/listeners/viewers.

But the year all ends happily when the National Press Club sues the Press Club of Southwest Florida for peace and the right to merge in order to enhance the Washington group’s prestige and share Terry Miller as president.

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