A Great Big Thank You – by Mike Trephan

To all those that attended the "Honor the Free Press" day event.
One of the nice things about heading up a program is the support of the membership in making it a success. For those that attended this event, you already know that it was a sell out, but what you don't is that we had to turn another 75 away. It is not just that we had a good honoree, but also that you all got the word around.

As the Public Information and Press Officer for the Marine Corps League and a standing member of the club, I want to thank all that helped make this a resounding success.
As I mentioned, this was my seventh year and last year holding that post for the League and I have turned the job over to John Connelly. I hope and wish that you will give him your support and confidence you gave me as he starts his new job.
My Junior high school principal, before a very important football game, once said to me
It ain't the coach or captain
or the man that scores the goal
It's the ever lastin pluggin,
of every bloomin soul.
Best wishes to all, 
Mike Trephan 

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