Phil Beuth’s $20,000 Scholarship Pledge Completed

Phil Beuth

Phil Beuth’s generous $20,000 pledge in 2015 covered the annual Press Club $1,000 Journalism Scholarships to be awarded 20 times to our chosen Scholarship Students. He completed that pledge in July 2019, with a $5,000 payment each year for four years. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for helping to keep our Scholarship Program funded.

Currently, we have 10 Press Club Scholarship students at eight different colleges/universities, all in Florida except for Maria Cortex Munguia at Wartburg College, Iowa.

Beuth served as our Scholarship Chairman for a number of years until turning the reins over to Connie Kindsvater, the current Scholarship Chairman.

Stay tuned:  Beuth says that he is ready to announce further 2020 support, and is currently working out details for 2020 funding. 

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