Military Veteran and Naples Players Volunteer Joel Banow

We are so proud of our member Joel Banow!
(Courtesy of The Naples Players)

Celebrating Our Veterans…

Veteran Broadcaster Uses Military Training in Volunteering with The Naples Players

In the spirit of Bing Crosby’s White Christmas character Captain Bob Wallace, Joel Banow entertained his army base as a military disc-jockey while stationed in Korea.

Banow enlisted after being drafted during his first semester at NYU, where he was studying broadcast television. After basic training, Banow entered engineering school to study photolithography.

“I learned about photography and printing,” he said. “And before my assignment, I got involved in the base’s theater.” Banow’s affinity for the arts landed him his first radio gig at his first assignment, a base in Kansas.

“I played music by George Gershwin and Irving Berlin, emergency information, and ran the station overnight,” he said. “I took broadcasting classes at a nearby university and earned a military occupational specialty in broadcasting.”

Joel Banow Directing National Coverage for The Moon Landing on CBS

This led Banow to an armed forces radio career in Seoul, Korea. After this post, Banow was assigned to a television station at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey.

“We did public service announcements, broadcasts, film signals, classes and anything involving communications for the Signal Corps,” he said.

After a long and successful career in broadcasting, Banow is now retired and an active volunteer with The Naples Players. He is currently working on White Christmas as an Audio Assistant.

“I’ll be solving problems, replacing batteries, and getting the microphone battery packs all set for the actors,” he said. “My military training has carried through my entire life—from my broadcast career to giving back to my community.

Joel Banow Onstage in The Naples Players’ Ballroom

Joel is just one example of the incredible veterans that make up our amazing community. We are thankful to each of them and their families for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all of the veterans who have done so much for us – and thank you for your continued support. ~ Bryce Alexander, Executive Artistic Director, The Naples Players

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