30 Under 30 Working Well

For many years, Press Club of Southwest Florida has maintained its annual dues at the rock-bottom fee of $50 for all comers—working or retired, young and just starting or mature and wrapping it up. Lately, we have decided that the “young and just starting” may want to become members if dues cost even less. We have publicized our new dues structure: if you are a working journalist under 30 years of age, your annual dues will be only $30! Guess what—we’ve added quite a few new members at this rate. It’s a winner and we plan to keep it.

We have not stopped there. For ALL new applicants for membership after July 1 of each year, their membership through December of that year is cut in half! So $30 for our budding journalists becomes $15, and those over 30 pay not $50 but $25. Dues for the next year are payable in January at the standard rates: $50 and $30.

What do you get for these dues? The chance to attend our outstanding luncheons and programs on stimulating topics from October through June at the “member” rate. Getting our SCOOP newsletter delivered to your Inbox on the 28th of each month. Being listed on our “Members Only” section of the NPC website, so all members can contact other members. Receiving invitations to exciting summertime Media Mixers. Working on committees such as social, membership, program, scholarship, fundraising, annual “Young Journalist Awards.” Participating in fundraising activities to support our ongoing scholarship program.

Did I mention the best perk of all? You get to be a member of a highly esteemed organization of Southwest Florida professionals who value our free press and help to bolster it in all ways possible.

If you know any pre-30 journalists, let them know they can join us right now for only $15. Those over 30 can do the same for only $25 until January. Our membership application is downloadable from our website: naplespressclub.org.

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