Slate for December 1 Election – Board of Governors

Carole GreeneThe nominating committee, consisting of Rhona Saunders and Karla Wheeler from the Board of Governors and Randall Kenneth Jones from the at-large membership, has slated the following officers and governors.

An election will occur as part of our NPC Annual Meeting, December 1. Nominations from the floor will be requested, but if no one else comes forth, the slate will be elected as stated below.

President: Soni Dimond
VP/Administration: responsibilities will be undertaken by Immediate Past President, Carole Greene
Treasurer: Iris Shur
Membership Chair: Karla Wheeler

New Governors:
Cary Barbour
Bob Orr
Julie Pedretti – Community & Chamber Outreach
Mike Sheffield

The above are elected to a two-year term, starting December 1, 2016.

Continuing on the board for the remaining one year of their terms, with their assignments:

Immediate Past President: Carole Greene, as VP/Admin and RSVP Coordinator
VP/Programs: David Silverberg
Secretary: Ann Cardamone
Scholarship Chair: Connie Kindsvater
Scoop Editor: Penny Fisher

Phil Beuth
Gina Edwards
Ted Epstein
Jeff Margolis

Per our By-laws, Founder Rhona Saunders remains on the board as a Governor-for-Life. Her assignment is to be liaison with Tiburon.

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