Slate of Officers & Governors for NPC Leadership

Carole J. Greene, President

Carole J. Greene, President

Every year, some officers and governors’ terms expire while some continue. With that overlap device, we don’t elect an entirely new board every two years.

This year, the two-year terms will expire for president, vice-president/programs, vice-president/administration and several governors. Because our treasurer has been on the job for more than five years, she asked to be relieved. (Our bylaws allow the treasurer to serve as long as we can manage to hang onto her or him.)

Your elected officers and governors always keep their eyes open for general members who might be groomed for leadership. The grooming process often includes coming onto the board as a governor and learning for a while before moving up to one of the officer positions. We need young, vigorous, inspiring “worker bees” to keep our club running smoothly and continuing to grow in strength and numbers.

I am happy to report that our nominating committee, comprised of Karla Wheeler and Jeff Margolis from the board and Marisa Cleveland from general membership, has done an excellent job of compiling this year’s slate.

President: Carole Greene, for a second two-year term.

Vice President/Programs: Randall Kenneth Jones, for a second two-year term.

Vice President/Administration: Marci Seamples, who was appointed in 2014 to fill the unexpired term of governor Bill Klauber, who resigned because of health issues. She moves from governor-at-large to this position.

Treasurer: Len Egdish, for as long as he wants the job and the rest of the board wants him to keep the job.

Governors: Connie Kindsvater moves from treasurer to Governor-Scholarship Chair; Philip Beuth moves from Chair of the Scholarship committee to a Governor-at-large;

Karla Wheeler, for a second two-year term as Membership Chair.

Marisa Cleveland as a first-term Governor-at-large.

Others on the board are Secretary Ann Cardamone; Scoop Editor Penny Fisher; Archivist/Photographer Helene de Neergaard; Governors-at-large Gina Edwards and Jeff Margolis. These terms will expire in December 2015. Rhona Saunders, because she is co-founder of the club, will remain a governor-at-large for life.

Donna Fiala, who was immediate past president, has asked to leave the board, as she has a conflict on board-meeting nights. She promises to always be available to help the club in any way she can. We’ll count on that. Thank you, Donna.

The bylaws state that the election will take place at our annual meeting — this year, it’s our Dec. 4 luncheon — and nominations from the floor are in order. Although this rarely occurs, it is always a possibility. If you would like to serve on the board but the nominating committee didn’t contact you, here’s your chance. Yes, you can nominate yourself.

Be sure to attend the annual meeting to select your club’s leaders for the coming year.

We all owe a great thank-you to the nominating committee and our gratitude also to those who said yes when asked to serve.

Speaking for myself and for the current board, we are grateful for all your support, your excellent suggestions to improve our club, and your efforts to continue making this club the best one in Naples.

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