Your Board in Action

e83c8e59-c458-4e98-98d3-b46c0b378ee5Drumroll, please… We have a new treasurer! Daniel Weir attended our February luncheon when his wife, Professor Laura Weir, wowed us as our speaker on the current political climate. He liked us so much that he applied for membership and was accepted with unanimous approval. We immediately snagged him to fill the open position of NPC treasurer. He met with Len, quickly got up to speed on the requirements of the job, and attended our March board meeting. We welcomed him with open arms. Although we’ll miss Len, we’re so pleased to have Dan on our board. Right now, he serves as an appointee. He’ll stand for election in December—assuming he still wants the job. Of course, he will.

The collection of 2016 dues continues until we’ve determined that everyone who wants to renew has done so. If you’re reading this and you haven’t sent in your dues, please go to our website and click on “Annual Dues.” There you can pay via credit card or PayPal.

The Watch Party on the evening of the March 15 primary election was a success. We’ll probably schedule such events for every election, especially the BIG one in November. You’ve heard about that one, right?

Our involvement with the FGCU journalism program is active and on-going. Look for an update in May’s Scoop and contact Connie if you want to participate.

A committee is hard at work to plan a celebration in December to mark our club’s 20th anniversary. Not only has it lasted, it has grown in numbers and significance. We can all be proud.

We set a date and venue for our annual planning retreat. It will occur on May 21 at the Pelican Isle Yacht Club, thanks to Connie Kindsvater, who arranged it for us. At this time we will talk overall strategy for the club, the scholarship fund, programs and special events, and anything else that comes up. Any member having an idea we should discuss can let me know via phone or email. If you want to get more involved with our Club, we’ll invite you, space permitting, “to be a fly on the wall” at this retreat. This is one successful way to create new leaders, who, in the future, may become officers or governors and take our club to new heights. Let me know in early May.

I’ve saved the best for last. Although the Hilton-Naples has been our home for several years, for which we are grateful, we will hold our meetings at a new venue starting in October: Tiburon Golf Club. Look elsewhere for details on the many reasons we chose this place. I know you’ll love our new home.

I will be out of the country April 5 through April 29, so I’ll see you in May. Be good and be well!

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