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I Was a War Child, by Helene Gaillet de Neergaard

One of this NPC author’s many achievements is to make this story of her family’s travails representative as well as personal and specific. She does this by keeping in touch with the wider world, setting this story into the larger story of WWII in Europe. On several welcome occasions, when the lens opens up to this wider view, readers are given tools to put the Gaillet family story in context. As Madame de Neergaard moves back and forth from the narrower perspective to the broader, each dimension of the story is enhanced.

Come between the covers with Phil:

Family history brings wartime France up close and personal | Phil Jason’s Web


NPC Member D. K. Christi’s long-awaited novel, Bamboo Ring is set for release December 11, 2014. The prequel to the popular Ghost Orchid, yet standing alone, Bamboo Ring is a world tour of exotic, foreign locations including those that pop from today’s headlines: Iraq, Korea, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and more. Weaving through with the agony and ecstasy of passion and adventure, a lifelong love story of crossed wires and missed connections touches the heart. Bamboo Ring is set in Asia but encompasses a world stage. Preorders for Bamboo Ring at 10% discount provide copies for holiday gift giving.  Put PREORDER2015 as the promo code at Bamboo Ring.

Local Author and Book Fest
Saturday, February 21, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the South Regional Library. Join 30+ local authors and discuss, celebrate and discover books for adults, children and teens. This is a perfect venue to meet local writers, purchase books and participate in several breakout sessions. A list of participating authors, breakout sessions and important information will be posted on our website in early January enabling everyone to schedule their time at this event.

Local authors interested in participating, please email  and more information will be sent.

Pat DeGroot is the organizer at the library. Her office phone is 252-7542 for more details.   

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