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It’s a hard publishing market out there, yet many of us are looking for places to promote and market our self-published books. Others are looking for quality e-books that can be purchased cheaply, regardless of what vehicle you use to read them.

In researching this area I found one company that I thought NPC members should investigate because it addresses all of our needs. It’s called BookBub, and I’d like to tell you about it. I think it’s worth a look.

The following comes straight from the mouth of BookBub itself.

“With gazillions of digital books being published every year, and an exploding number of older titles becoming available in digital format, it’s never been harder for readers to sift through the clutter—or for publishers and authors to get great books noticed by new readers.

“As a result, publishers have begun offering amazing deals to get their titles discovered. Former bestsellers and excellent new releases are now being temporarily offered for free or deeply discounted prices in order to spur interest in the book or author.

“But these deals are usually only offered for a limited time, and until recently, there hasn’t been a good way for readers to learn about all of these free bargain books.

“Out of this problem, BookBub was born—a free daily email for book lovers, keeping members informed about all these great deals.

“Founded in early 2012 by a team of people who have worked in book publishing, book retailing and online media, BookBub has quickly become the leading daily deal email for digital books, growing to more than (two) million subscribers.”

What else does BookBub offer?  Promoting your eBook.

Again from the mouth of BookBub itself:

“BookBub is the leading service for publishers and authors looking to reach new readers through limited-time eBook deals…. Our 2 million+ subscribers turn to BookBub’s daily email to find free and deeply discounted eBooks that match their interests.”

If you are interested in partnering with BookBub, here is how the process works.

Again from the BookBub people themselves:

1. “You submit a title for consideration. You start by filing out an online submission form outlining the details of your price promotion.

2. “We review your submission.  Our editorial team reviews your book and decides whether they’d like to select it for a feature. If your title is chosen, you’ll receive confirmation and an invoice. Submitting your book for consideration is free. We’ll only send you an invoice if your title is selected for a listing. If it’s not selected, we’ll let you know within a few days.”

Go to for pricing, statistics on costs to list, and possible sales and downloads of your book. They list 23 categories, including mysteries, contemporary romance, historical fiction, erotic romance, thrillers, literary fiction, cooking, women’s fiction, and general nonfiction, among others.

What if your book meets all their requirements and still isn’t selected?

“Due to the volume of submissions we receive” says BookBub “we can only select around 20-30% for BookBub features. This means that we unfortunately aren’t able to promote every great book we see. The editors choose those they believe will most appeal to our subscribers, so there’s a chance your title just wasn’t the best fit for one of our categories right now.

“However, we’re constantly expanding and looking for ways to include more listings, so stay tuned for updates. We also recommend checking out our submission tips (/partners/submission-tips).

Does BookBub feature new releases? “We only rarely feature new releases. We’ve found that books that have had a chance to build up their platform perform best and, therefore, make for the most successful promotions for our partners. However, we’re always happy to consider any submission that meets our minimum requirements.”

“What are the average sales and downloads for a promotion? How many subscribers will receive my book? You can find this information for each of our existing categories on our Pricing page (/partners/pricing).”

BookBub is certainly worth looking into.

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