NPC Book Group Report– First Meeting, January 9, 2014

Ten members of the NPC attended the first meeting of a new book group at the home of Nancy Poffenberger to discuss their views on publishing and marketing their books. The discussion began with delving into areas of marketing and how each writer has contributions to make in various outlets. Then members were asked to speak about their work and objectives:

1. Nancy Poffenberger: got started in publishing music books for children. Testing them in 35 schools, all teachers approved! She was pushed into self-publishing and has books on piano, recorder and others. Her best-seller on the 9/11 drama came to her while driving the car. She wrote it the next day. The draft sold itself and the book took off in schools and stores. She lectures and markets everywhere possible.

2. D. K. Christi: background in journalism, press writing, teaching, developing software programs. Lived in S. Korea for 5 years and with a friend wrote the “Shogun” story of S. Korea, but a flood wrecked and destroyed their manuscript. She wrote “ARIRANG – the Bamboo Connection,” published with Publish America in 2006. “Ghost Orchid” was published in 2009 with L & L Dreamspell. Now writes for Spotlight Mag, readership 35 million, and looking at other venues.

3. Dorothy Mills: At 85, she has been working since 1949, first published in 1960, has 28 books in print, and is today the world’s foremost female baseball historian. She still has many speaking engagements in the US and will give the keynote address at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY in April. She also published historical novels, children’s books and other subjects.

4. Hélène Gaillet de Neergaard: touched on her career as a photographer, writer of a book on prisoners, 2 books for boaters, and is now waiting for a publisher for her WW2 Memoir “I WAS A WAR CHILD”. Photography, painting and writing keep her busy full time.

5. Edythe Cohen: from North Fork, LI, she wrote a food column for a local paper, PR for Macy’s and others and also was a teacher. She lost her husband shortly after moving to Naples so she turned to writing a book about a garden, with a message to kids. It was published by Publish America, Baltimore, now defunct.

6. Robert Bair: said he is 88, was a flier and writes historical fiction.

7. Robin DeMattia: gave us a snap picture of her busy, versatile background; was marketing director for Von Liebig for 5 years; now works freelance as a journalist, writer, author, editor, columnist and much more. She has 3 novels “for the future” and is excited about delving into possible new ways of marketing books.

8. Norman Weiss: first said “I feel like I am in the wrong group” but then described his mother as a schoolteacher, his father as an aide to John D. Rockefeller and the book he wrote for his grandkids, “Spider’s Web,” published by Ex-Libris (Random House), which sold like crazy. War stories, history, West Point, Russian language, a diary, all fascinating

9. George Walmsley: A blue eyed ex-cop writing for 32 years, GP has many books in print, several about music, another an Anthology Through the Looking Glass about The Course of Miracles, others mainstream contemporary fiction. About his best seller “Virtuoso” Bob Bair said, “when you read that book you will hear the music.”

10. Suzi Weinert: as last speaker, all Suzi had to say was that she had to go as she had a book signing event for Champions of Learning soon, another at Norris Furniture on Saturday and of her two thrillers, one was made into a Hallmark movie.

All in all, this diversified group of writers came to the same conclusions. They would like to sell more books and investigate more outlets to sell them, new ideas for marketing and activities of interest to the reading public. A second meeting will be announced soon. The group is open to any NPC member interested.

Note to NPC authors who wish to sell books at NPC monthly meetings: contact Rhona Saunders ahead of time for table space next to registration.

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