Presidential Thanks to the “Commish”

County Commissioner Donna Fiala

Donna Fiala knows how to juggle many jobs with ease.

During the past three years she not only serves as Collier County Commissioner representing District 1, she writes a column for the Collier Citizen, and has served as President of the Press Club of Southwest Florida.

The club has benefitted from her talents and from the same dedication she has shown her constituents since her local election in 2000.

We have fond memories of Commissioner Fiala’s ability to keep the board meetings rolling in a very gracious way (while sometimes even munching a McDonald’s dinner during election time). Commissioner Fiala has represented the club during luncheons and at public meetings; she has demonstrated her willingness to lend a helping hand and to use her personal recognition to call attention to the club’s efforts. The commissioner certainly has moved our organization forward within the community.

During her most recent campaign, Donna promised to “stay as close to the people as possible, to know what their needs are, and to fight to make her community a better place.” Donna applied this same promise in her service to the Press Club.

We want to thank the “Commish” whose smile greeted us every month for the past three years; we will certainly miss her cheery, optimistic personality.

Please be sure to attend the holiday party to cast your vote for our nominated club members to join the board so they may continue carrying the torch of leadership.

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