Apr 10, 2010: Celebrity Author Luncheon

“An inside story from an insider featuring behind the scenes of military meetings, boardrooms, and parlors of the Washington power elite.”

That’s how the books of Karna Bodman have been described. She served in the White House under President Reagan for six years, first as deputy press secretary under James Brady and later as Senior Director of the National Security Council.

Her experiences have resulted in books in which her heroes race against time and terrorists mixing suspense, romance and death scenarios.
Reservation is Closed.

As the featured speaker at the Authors and Books Festival sponsored by the Naples Press club, Bodman, a Naples resident  will speak about working in the West Wing and her latest challenge: writing novels with strong heroines countering contemporary threats. She will also sign her books:”Checkmate,” “Gambit” and “Final Finesse”.

The luncheon is Saturday April 10, 2010 at 11:45 AM, at Vergina on 5th Avenue South. It is a most popular kick off event for the Authors and Books Festival and early reservations are suggested.

There is a choice of three menu selections: Rigatoni Pomodoro, Chicken Parmigiana  or Tilapia al Limon.

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