Two of Our Press Club Scholarship Students Have Graduated

Congratulations to two of our journalism scholarship students who graduated earlier this month.

Kala Parkinson and Connie Kindsvater

Kala Parkinson graduated from the University of Florida.

Kala says, “Now that I’ve graduated from the University of Florida, I am excited to further develop as an up-and-coming journalist. I’ve got my sights set on any position where I can connect with people and write content that is meaningful, whether that’s at a newspaper or magazine. Wherever I end up throughout my career and resulting travels, I’m excited to get there and tell that place’s stories. My journey is just beginning.”

In the photo, Kala is holding the 2020-2021 AP Stylebook, which the Press Club presents as a graduation gift to our scholarship students. You can see that the latest edition is much larger and more comprehensive than my 1989 edition that I’m holding.

Kala’s Press Club mentor is Karla Wheeler.

Rachelle Westervelt

Rachelle Westervelt also just graduated from the University of Florida.

Rachelle says, “I was hired as a business development consultant at Oracle’s Massachusetts office before I graduated this spring from the University of Florida. I will be starting my career remotely this summer. After my training in tech sales I hope to move to Burlington, MA, in September to continue my career onsite at Oracle’s office there.”

Rachelle’s Press Club mentor is Debbie Meade.

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