Press Club Offers One-Stop Source of News Affecting Journalists

Thanks to postings by Mark Young, our club’s communications chair, our Facebook page now offers you a one-stop source of news reports and opinion columns affecting journalists.

Below is a sampling of articles posted in the past week. When you visit the Facebook page for the Press Club of Southwest Florida you will find links to these articles and many more. We know you’d prefer that we provided the links below, but then we would defeat the purpose of running this article, which is to drive traffic (you!) to our club’s Facebook page. See you there!

• What “Reopening” Could Mean for Local TV News (from

• Here Are the Newsroom Layoffs, Furloughs, and Closures Caused by the Coronavirus (from

• How to Turn Off When the News Never Stops (from

• Can Multi-Platform Weather Turn a Viewership Bump into a Long-Term Trend? (from

• With Cuts at Vice, Quartz and BuzzFeed, Even Media’s Savviest Digital Players Are Hurting (from the Washington Post)

• How to Build A Station Recovery Plan (from

• Investigative Skills Translate from Print to TV (from

• Post-Pandemic News: 7 Lessons We Can’t Afford to Forget (from

• How “60 Minutes” Survived CBS’s Upheaval to Become “The Tony Fauci of Newsmagazines” (from the Washington Post)

• Is CBSN the Future of TV News? (from

• Gannett is Planning a Combined Ad and News-Side Extravaganza on “Rebuilding America” (from

If you’ve run across a news report or opinion piece relevant to your peers in the press club, please email the link to Mark Young, our communications chair, at, so he can post it to our Facebook page.

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