Member Spotlight

I’d like to take a little of your time to introduce myself as the person who has the honor of becoming the editor of Scoop. It will take me a while, I am sure, to fill the position held by the very capable Carole Green, who has volunteered to hold my hand for a while.

Carol Glassman

This time around, I have been a NPC member for just a few years. However, imagine my surprise when I found what I assume is my last membership card (yes, cards were issued way back then) dated 2004. My credentials in those days included a lot of weighty writing, editing, teaching, and facilitating of several groups in the community. It might jog a few longtime members’ minds (I refuse to say old timers) to know that in those days I initiated Scoop and named it.

Although I still contribute occasional articles to Marco Island’s great and growing independent newspaper, the Coastal Breeze News, and maintain an interest in it, my current photo resembles one of my mother (or grandmother), and sometimes I feel as if I earned every wrinkle and white hair. Time does fly and it’s not always “fun” or kind, is it!

I still do a good amount of writing and editing these days, mostly for non-profit organizations whose goals and principles I admire.

When Julie Pedretti asked me to become your editor (again), it didn’t take long for me to agree. It has been gratifying to see some of the positive changes in the NPC, the growth and professionalism, the dedication to communications media, and the promotion of young journalists.

After you read this short introduction, I hope you will feel free to approach me at meetings (I’m the one with the hair) and make any suggestions you feel might enhance Scoop. I would also like you to see how painless it is to write a similar short introduction of yourself and submit it so that we can all get to know each other better. Did you know, for example, that I taught art and English for over 30 years in Canada? That I used to carve decoys? That I am also a gemologist and I design and make jewelry? That’s just a start, and we’d like to know similar things about you. These are the details that make us interesting and dedicated communicators.

It’s good to be back.

Please feel free to contact me.

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