Your Board in Action

Soni Dimond

Soni Dimond, President

Hello! I am pleased to submit YOUR BOARD in ACTION.

We are ready to make this a fantastic, “active” year for all of our members.
Our first NPC Board meeting of the New Year was held on Jan. 10, with a reminder several more eager and high-profile individuals plan to sign on to our club, which confirms we are in a positive growth pattern.

It is encouraging to note that Press Club of Southwest Florida will continue to receive members of all ages, ambitions and interests. We certainly will continue to extend a warm welcome to our scholarship students, as well as future scholars who exhibit a “yearn to learn” with our support. Our dynamic scholarship committee is planning a series of meetings to focus on improving the specifics for more effective usage of our scholarship funds. The committee’s first gathering was held Jan. 16. We are eager to invite a commitment of more funds, essential to support the evolving mission and goals of our scholarship committee and your board. We will discuss the specifics of the scholarship committee’s plans in upcoming meetings. Stay tuned!

On a related note, mark your calendars! There will be a Journalism Panel Discussion at FGCU on Tuesday, March 28, from 1-3 pm in Room 247. It’s a must-see! If you have never been to one of the Press Club of Southwest Florida’s FGCU Panels, now is the time to do it. You will witness a lively discussion of a variety of timely media topics, with a professional panel including several recognizable media celebrities. The give-back from our local media is so impressive. We are extremely fortunate to host these panels. I will report back to you with specific names and topics, soon.

We will continue to partner with various organizations such as the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). We’ll participate in a Feb. 28 media panel: The changing face of news gathering.  Board members David Silverberg and Julie Pedretti will work on promotions to our membership for that event. We will also partner with PRSA for an Aug. 22 roundtable discussion on social media.

We will soon roll out a list of our interesting topics and exciting speakers. You will not want to miss a single NPC event!

The board would be interested to expand our luncheon season into June and perhaps beyond. Let us hear from you about this possibility.

This is such a good time to remind everyone: All of our goals are made possible by your support through your annual dues. Our members still call it the “best deal in town.”  But, the early member gets the good rate!  You may pay your dues on our website ( or you may mail a check, payable to Press Club of Southwest Florida.

Mail to:
Iris Shur
1022 Spanish Moss Trail
Naples, FL 34108

Please note: The board approved a late fee of $10 late for anyone who pays dues after Jan. 31.  If you are reading this on publication day of Jan. 28, you have only three days to pay in order to avoid the late fee. Time to get to it!

It PAYS to PAY your annual membership dues early. 

Get ACTIVE with us!

You will want to have access to the details of the upcoming events, gatherings and discussions awaiting you, thanks to the ongoing commitment and ACTION of your Press Club of Southwest Florida Board.

Catch up with you next month!

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