Make a Year-End Donation to NPC Scholarship Fund

A donor who requests anonymity has made a year-end challenge offer. This person will MATCH the contribution to our NPC scholarship fund from any and all, up to a TOTAL of $1,000. So this person’s check can arrive at Champions for Learning before the end of the year, we have to post a DEADLINE to YOU of December 15.

Send your check, payable to Champions for Learning, to this address:

Drew Attanasio
Business Operations Director
Champions for Learning
3606 Enterprise Avenue, Suite 150
Naples, FL 34104

On the memo line, write NPC Scholarship Fund.

Press Club of Southwest Florida is NOT a 501(c) 3 but Champions for Learning is. If you contribute this way, your gift will be tax deductible to the extent allowed. Be sure to include your address so you can receive a receipt.

Don’t put it off or you might forget. Remember the December 15 deadline for your check to be received at the above address.

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