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e83c8e59-c458-4e98-98d3-b46c0b378ee5Less than two days ago, I was on a transatlantic flight from South Africa. My body arrived here in Naples, but I think my brain is SWIMMING across the ocean. I hope it shows up soon. If this report on NPC matters is less than coherent, don’t blame me. Fault the six time zones between home and where I hung out for 24 days, watching wonderful wildlife. Ask about the trip only if you have three hours to hear the tip-of-iceberg narrative about our experiences in the bush, Johannesburg, Victoria Falls and Cape Town. You’ve been warned.

While I was away, our Program VP David Silverberg flew the coop. We wish him well (grudgingly) in his new job in Washington, D.C. and have made it clear that he can step back into NPC affairs when he has tired of the D.C. grind and yearns for laid-back Naples. If you’re reading this, David, we miss you already. And I do wish you well. Really!

Before he left, he arranged the program for our May 16 luncheon. As soon as you finish reading this May issue of Scoop, send an email to to reserve your spot at the luncheon. Remember, members can reserve in this way and pay at the door. All non-members, and any NPCer who desires to do so, must pay in advance through Eventbrite. If you reserve and later find that you can’t make it, BE SURE to let our check-in team know (call Karla at 239-572-0607). If you don’t do that and don’t show up, we will have to collect from you the cost of the luncheon. Let us know, and you’re off the hook.

What kind of program did David arrange, you ask? Rob Moher, President and CEO of The Conservancy of Southwest Florida, will talk about the important work that organization does to support and sustain “our unique natural environment and quality of life.” Look elsewhere in Scoop for more about Moher. I’ll just say here that I’ve been privileged to hear Rob speak many times. He’s entertaining as well as instructive. You won’t want to miss it. Great way to end our luncheon schedule.

Yes, the May luncheon closes out our “season.” David had hoped to arrange summer activities for NPC members who hang around between June and October. Maybe we’ll still be able to do that, even without him. We’ll make that a topic of discussion at our board’s annual planning retreat, this year scheduled for May 21. If you have any issues we should talk about as we plot the future for the club through the next year, please let me know so I can put them on the agenda.

See you on May 16 – or, if you’ve already departed Naples, as soon as you return. Have a healthy, happy, safe summer.

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