Press Club of Southwest Florida adds Discounted Journalism Student Luncheon Tickets

Connie S. KindsvaterAt the February NPC Board of Governors meeting, it was decided to offer discounted, subsidized $10 student tickets through Eventbrite, primarily for FGCU journalism students who are not our scholarship students. The Feb. 15 luncheon meeting was the first time the tickets were offered, and two FGCU journalism students took advantage of the opportunity. Chelsea Fernandez, originally from Miami, and Ariel Long, originally from Jacksonville, both sophomores, came to the luncheon. Fernandez said she was thrilled to be able to come to a Press Club of Southwest Florida meeting, and Long agreed. Both said that they would come again. Part of the reason they chose to attend, they said, was to hear the speaker, Laura Weir, speak about how the upcoming election will affect Florida. Both students took notes and will write their stories and submit them to their FGCU Journalism Professor, Lyn Millner.

Press Club of Southwest Florida is trying to increase its connection with the FGCU journalism program and its students by providing more opportunities to interact together. The discounted student tickets are one example of the increased connection, along with the October media panel presentation, organized by the Press Club, and the January NPC mentor mixer held at FGCU. The next panel presentation will be held April 4 at FGCU.

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