Scholarship Committee Launches “21 More” Drive

Dear fellow members,

As we all recall, in 2007, the Press Club of Southwest Florida began an ambitious program to provide scholarships for journalism students.

Over the past eight years, we have had the pleasure of sponsoring 21 students in what has become a very successful activity, reflecting positively on the club.

Young persons from almost every high school in Collier County have attended colleges in and out of Florida, and their completion rate is high.

What is even more important is the boost the scholarships give, even to those few who switch majors.

We have spent $43,500 on those 21 students, from funds raised prior to 2007 and from a small fundraiser a few years ago.

Our tank is now running dry, and we must find money to continue.

Therefore … welcome to “21 More!”

That is what we are calling our new drive, to be conducted during the last three months of the year. Let’s pitch in and sponsor 21 more.

We will be seeking a range of gifts, according to one’s ability to give, starting at leadership gifts of $1,000 or more, then $500 or more, then $250, $150, $100 and so on.

Please think about how important these gifts are, and be ready, when asked. All gifts will be tax deductible if made out to Champions for Learning with “NPC scholarship fund” written on the subject line.

Thanks for your attention.

Connie Kindsvater, “NPC Scholarship Committee” chair

Phil Beuth, “21 More” chair

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