Volunteer Opportunities Within Your Club

We’ve experienced excellent growth in membership and in our status in the community. As we look to the future, we need your help to perform some important tasks for your club. You don’t have to do it all, but I’d love to see you experience the enjoyment that comes from being part of a team to fulfill these functions. Please contact me ASAP if one of these new committees offers a chance for you to contribute to your club in meaningful ways.

1. Working Press Liaison Committee – work with NPC President and Communications Committee to encourage more members of the working press to support NPC activities. This also includes the development of mentoring programs to enable NPC members to mentor/support/educate our local working press as well as to urge the working press to educate NPC members on the growing field of online journalism.

2. Special Programs Committee – work with VP of Programs and Communications Committee to develop, manage and promote special events that fall outside of our monthly luncheons. This includes summer mixers, private tours of interesting local sites, special meet-and-greets with visiting newsmakers as such occasions present themselves, and anything else the committee creates.

Thank you!

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