Your Board in Action

Your Press Club of Southwest Florida continues to grow. At our September 18 board meeting, we accepted into membership two new applicants: Suzanne Leonard and Shirley Hanson. We hope to welcome them at our next luncheon. Please search them out and make them feel appreciated for joining us. Dr. Sam Parish came aboard earlier in the summer when we didn’t have a board meeting and approved him via circulating emails. See how techie we are? lol

I hope every member in town at this time of year will attend the October 15 Celebrity Author Luncheon. Show our guest speaker, author and St. Petersburg Times columnist Jeff Klinkenberg a big Naples welcome. Come and bring a friend. Also plan to buy one of his books. We arranged a great price: a hardback for $25. Makes a great gift, especially since Jeff will autograph it. Look elsewhere in SCOOP for more information about this special luncheon, the proceeds of which go to our scholarship fund. We need your reservation yesterday, so don’t delay.

The board is considering an application for 501(c)3 designation for our scholarship fund. Anyone know a lawyer who would take care of this for us for reduced (or NO) fee? If so, please contact me.

At our regular fourth Thursday luncheon—as usual, 11:30 at Naples Hilton—we will try something new. Many of our members who have written books always look for places to sell them. We’ll set up a table for you to display your books and autograph them for purchasers. If it goes well, we’ll continue the practice at every luncheon.

Fourth Thursday this month is the 24th. Our guest speaker is Kathleen van Bergen, CEO of Artis—Naples or, for those of us slow to accept new stuff, The Phil. By then, we expect more members to have returned from wherever they hide in the summer. Be sure to reserve by the 20th at Should be enlightening! See you then.

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