Paul Wachsmith, Vice President Programs

Paul Wachsmith

The difficult job of lining up speakers for our monthly luncheons has been in the capable hands of Paul Wachsmith for the past three years.

Paul formerly ran radio and TV stations in NYC, OH, ND, and TX. He also handled sports advertising at Madison Square Garden. Using his many contacts within local organizations, Paul brought a variety of speakers to our monthly luncheons and arranged many happy “Happy Hours.”

During 2012, we were entertained by Thomas Tyrell, an international lawyer; Myra Janco Daniels, founder and former CEO of the Naples Philharmonic; Lyle Bultman, retired professor of business and economics; Andrew Joppa and “The Wonderful World of Oz”, and most recently John Hazard Forbes, “Old Money” raconteur and art appraiser.

David Tetzlaff, executive director of the Naples Zoo, was the final 2012 speaker in the NPC forum and luncheons. He talked about improvements at the zoo and his upcoming new position at the Sanford Zoo.

A special Happy Hour at the Clive Daniel home furnishings store was received particularly well.

Accolades to Paul for giving his best to a difficult job.

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