How To Become a Member

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Criteria for Active Membership

Print Media: Reporters, editors, writers and photojournalists, and authors of non-fiction books or articles, publishers, editorial and news cartoonists and artists. Print Media includes daily and weekly newspapers, periodicals and other publications such as bonafide newsletters issued regularly for more than one year. Professionals in corporate communications for private sector, non-profits, and/or government agencies also qualify.

News Agencies: Reporters, editors and writers of news; producers of news and public affairs, photojournalists and videographers regularly employed by news agencies, and whose work is paid for by newspapers, periodicals, broadcasting stations, TV or cable networks, or other disseminating media.

Electronic Media (including the Internet): Reporters, editors, news directors, assignment editors, news writers, photojournalists and videographers, producers and directors, media presidents and general managers of news or public affairs programs who are or were regularly employed by broadcasting stations, TV or cable networks, and whose chief attention is or was given to gathering and disseminating news or analysis, and not for a special group.

Approval: Membership applications will be reviewed and voted on by the NPC Board of Directors, and you will be notified of the result.

Associate Membership

Applicants having an interest in the Press Club of Southwest Florida who do not qualify for Active Membership may be considered to join the club as an associate member.


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