Naples Zoo’s David Tetzlaff Joins us for Lunch

Tetzlaff and LeopardDavid Tetzlaff, director of the Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens, will address NPC’s November luncheon.

His unique experiences – from being covered with a blanket of seven leopards to his travels throughout Africa and other countries, David will update us on the zoo’s improvements, its growth in attendance from 100,000 to 326,000, and much more.

David became involved in the family business at a young age during the 1980s training animals – particularly the big cats. He became one of the country’s most accomplished big cat trainers with focus on leopards. Unlike American trainers, who highlighted the ferocity of the animals, Tetzlaff trained in the European style keeping very close contact with the cats and focusing on the relationship between man and cat.

David’s tenure with the Naples Zoo will be over at year’s end, as he has accepted a position as vice president of zoological operations at the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Sanford. It will be the first time that the Naples Zoo will be without a member of the Tetzlaff family at the helm since 1969 when his parents came to town.

When: Thursday November 15, 11:30 am
Where: Hilton Naples
Price: $23 for members and $28 for nonmembers

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Deadline for Reservations: Sunday, November 11

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Grilled chicken breast with sweet corn and bean succotash with roasted red pepper and poblano coulis
Vegetarian: Cheese tortellini, sliced roma tomatoes, Alfred sauce and basil oil
Dessert: Caramel Apple Pie with vanilla ice cream

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