He loves Snakes, Especially the Big Ones!

Shawn K. Heflik’s love for “wild things and wild places” around the world, started when he was a small boy collecting and rescuing everything from baby birds to salamanders and orphaned ground hogs.

He obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology and later a Master of Science as well. With his military service paying for college, Shawn volunteered to go to the jungles of Central American and was not disappointed with its grandeur. While there, he collected boas, scorpions, lizards and ultimately traveled around the world.
Falling in love with the city of Iquitos in the Amazon Basin of Peru, Shawn built a house two story thatched roof bungalow there where he “gets back to basics.” 

Sharing his passion with others is very important to him, so Shawn started Wildland Tours to educate and inspire others about the natural world around them.  Additionally he owns ‘Art by Evolution” a company that provides skulls and skeletal preparations for scientists, museums and private collections around the world? 
Today,  Shawn lives in central east coast Florida on a rural piece of property with wild snakes, black racers, water snakes, rat snakes, glass lizards, gopher tortoise, a pair of nesting Osprey and a Great Horned Owls..
Make a point to come to hear  this fascinating world explorer, biologist and wild live expert  spin his tales, and see what other surprises he has in store for the Club.
When: Thursday January 26th 11:30am – 1:30pm at the Hilton-Naples
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