Inside Scoop – April 2010

The Scoopsters have done it again. So much activity going on with NPC members, it’s hard to keep up.

Sandy Lender will get the best birthday present ever. She tells us: “I am stoked beyond words. The August/September issue of “Realms of Fantasy” magazine, which hits the shelves in time for my birthday in June, includes an AMAZING and FABULOUS birthday present for this very happy fantasy author. She goes on to describe the review of her book "Choices Meant for Kings”: 

“This is an awesome review that should attract attention in the fantasy genre’s foremost publication. I’m overwhelmed!” Congratulations Sandy and happy almost-birthday…

Choices Meant for Gods” and “Choices Meant for Kings” have also been released in Kindle format. To purchase these books, click here for "Choices Meant for Gods", or here for "Choices meant for Kings".  Or, click here to visit Sandy's website. "Some days, you just want the dragon to win."

Recent Library of Congress announcement that Tweets will be saved, has our Web Goddess, Birgit Pauli-Haack stoked, too. “Pretty cool” she says, “My 3000+ will be searchable at the Library of Congress.”
Any further details on new member Michael Mogul’s red light camera court case challenging the timing of the cameras?
Dr. Phil’s required reading. Phil Jason passes on this timely article: “WSJ to beat Antitrust Rap; Papers take cues from Songwriters”. Click here to read the article in its entirety.  

Ed. Note: Always looking for more Scoops on members. Keep me posted. You know the stuff: birthdays, anniversaries, fabulous trips, book signings, floods, pestilence, jumping frog contests…just plain gabby stuff.
BTW — Anyone want to help me write a blog on Cougar Dating – elder style ? Not 45/25, but 70/50…think on it.

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