It Takes One…

What Is ONE THING That Can Help You with Stress Right Now?

We experience a variety of triggers in our lives daily that are unsettling and stressful: challenges at work; relationship conflicts at home; caregiving for children or elderly (or both); financial struggles; uncertainty; and upsetting events happening locally, nationally, globally, and more.

Understanding that SWFL residents are struggling, Blue Zones Project by Sharecare, sponsored by NCH, is offering a free app available to all area residents called Unwinding Anxiety. This is just one tool that can be used alone or to support clinical therapeutic options. In addition to this app, Blue Zones Project offers resources such as purpose workshops, cooking demonstrations, walking groups, and volunteer opportunities that help the community feel more connected.

The Blue Zones Project encourages simple but accessible wellness rituals such as:

  • A deep breath
  • A walk in the park
  • Connecting with loved ones
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Enjoying a mindful meal

These simple practices can help us reset and move forward with more ease.

Unwinding Anxiety provides tools to help calm our mind by identifying triggers and helps us ride out stressful moments and build better habits for our mental and physical health.

Unwinding Anxiety is available for free and can be downloaded here:

This app helps to remind and guide us to take a few minutes to recalibrate, enabling us to be more present and emotionally regulated to handle the situations and tasks ahead of us.

So, move your body, connect with a friend, take some deep breaths. These simple habits can make a world of difference…in a world with so many stressors.

What is ONE THING you can do right NOW to EASE your STRESS?

Blue Zones Project is a community-wide well-being initiative that helps make healthier choices easier for everyone in SWFL. Our goal is to live longer, better…together.

Consider attending a Blue Zones project purpose workshop. Experts say people who know their purpose can live up to seven years longer. Register to attend a free interactive purpose workshop to discover or re-discover your gifts, passions, and values. To learn more about upcoming events and how to get involved, visit:

Press Club member Summer Manning combines her passion for marketing and well-being as the Marketing Lead for Blue Zones Project Southwest Florida with the goal to help people live longer, better. She has been an executive in marketing and public relations for over 20 years. During the past three years, she became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been teaching simple lifestyle modifications to clients and communities for optimized wellness. She graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Public Administration and minor in Spanish. She recently moved from coast to coast — from Huntington Beach, CA, to Estero, FL — with her husband and two very active sons. She is a beach lover and forest bather. Connect with her organization on Facebook (@BlueZonesProjectSouthwestFlorida) and on Instagram (@BlueZonesProjectSWFL).