The News Media in the News: 15 Thought-Provoking Articles

Board member Mark Young, who chairs the club’s communications committee, has been sharing interesting articles about journalism and the media with his fellow board members. Several board members asked if these articles could also be shared with you, our members.

Thanks to Mark, here are 15 articles from the last two months that he has identified as being of interest to press club members. They are not listed below based on importance of content, but rather chronologically, with most recent appearing first.

    1. “You Trust the Media More Than You Say You Do”
    2. Washington Post: “News Deserts Are a Civic Crisis” (Note: you might need a paid subscription to view this opinion piece, which originally was published with the headline “Save Local News: Our Democracy Depends on It”)
    3. Nieman Journalism Lab: “Can a National Nonprofit News ‘Utility’ – Funded by Taxing Big Tech – Help Save Local News?”
    4. “3 Signs You’re in TV News for the Wrong Reasons”
    5. “Talking TV: How Journalism Students See TV News”
    6. “New Journalism Grads Predict the Future of News”
    7. Nieman Journalism Lab: “As Traditional News Use Declines Online News Isn’t Making Up the Gap”
    8. “U.S. Journalists See Turmoil in News Industry Amid Passion for Their Work”
    9. “RocaNews Builds a Youthful News Alternative on Instagram and Tik Tok”
    10. “Television Lessons from a Newspaper Company”
    11. “Can Journalists and Grieving Communities Coexist in Tragedy?”
    12. The Atlantic: “Don’t Let the Cameras Turn Away: This Time Networks Need to Stay with the Story of Mass Shootings” (Note: you might need a paid subscription to read this opinion piece)
    13. Nieman Journalism Lab: “How College Students Can Help Save Local News”
    14. Nieman Journalism Lab: “Why Won’t Some People Pay for News?”
    15. “Journalists Despair Over Toll of Disinformation on Jobs”

Thanks, Mark, and keep those articles coming!

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