Your Board in Action

President Carole Greene

President Carole Greene

Your Board of Governors pays attention! In our member survey that accompanied your recent dues notice, we asked for your input. Many of you gave some thought to various issues and let us know your feelings.

You want more programs relevant to press and media matters. We IMMEDIATELY gave you TV news icons Charlie Gibson and Phil

Jones in an “off the record” fireside chat. Randy Jones, our new program chair, works diligently to find program presenters that have media connections. Throughout the season, stay tuned for more luncheon speakers with media credentials. Support your club by attending.

You want more interaction between members. Don’t know if you noticed, but at our first 2013 luncheon, board members spread themselves around the room, trying to make sure at least one board member sat at each table. We intend to continue this practice so you can have easy access to the board to express anything on your mind.

Another way to increase member interface is to provide a way for members to know more about one another. Starting immediately, when new members attend their first luncheon after being accepted for membership, make sure we know you’re new and we’ll make sure you have ONE MINUTE to stand and tell us a little about yourself.  We will look for a way to let long-standing members do the same.

Finally, continue to let us know how to improve your Press Club of Southwest Florida. I really want to hear from you. Contact me at 239-594-1484 or

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